Telephony Guides and Tips

We've prepared the following tips and guides to help you learn more about telephony. Included is everything we felt relevant to entry-level telecommunications, presented in a concise and easy to read manner. Though they are meant for beginners, users of all knowledge levels can learn something new.

  • What is a CLLI?

    Learn more about Common Language Location Identifiers and how they hold the US telephony world together.

  • CLEC vs. ILEC

    CLEC and ILEC are two major types of phone company classifications. Find out what they mean and how they're used today.

  • Phone ATA and VOIP

    VOIP is the future of telephony, and ATA (analog telephony adapters) make it easy.

  • How Caller ID Works

    We all know what Caller ID is, but how does it work?

  • What is a PBX?

    The PBX transformed the business world and was a major departure from the switchboard. What are they, and what makes them tick?

  • About SIM Cards

    SIM cards make the mobile world go 'round. We give a diagrammed look at the parts of a SIM card and explain how they're used.